PanSolutions provides innovative software solutions, comprising a variety of programs to improve your efficiency utilizing cost management, security and document management solutions.

Fleet Services

KYOCERA Fleet Services (KFS) is a comprehensive remote monitoring solution that saves both time and money. IT professionals can monitor devices in real- time, anticipate issues, even update firmware remotely during off-peak hours.

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A server-based application, with the embedded Print&Follow function is designed to protect your confidential data, manage the overall document output and related printing costs.

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Cluster Printing

Cluster Printing (KCP) is a solution that allows customers who occasionally or seasonally need faster printing to speed up printing in their environment without having to make large investments.

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SmartScan uses an intuitive and user-friendly system of icons that makes it easy for anyone to choose between the various destinations a scan can be sent to.

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Teaching Assistant

HyPAS powered Teaching Assistant transforms your KYOCERA MFP into an on-demand test creating, grading and analysis hub.

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Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is a KYOCERA HyPAS application allowing you to access and upload to your personal cloud space directly from most HyPAS-enabled MFPs.

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