Smart Projector Control App

Smart Projector Control App

Introducing the new NFC function in the Smart Projector Control App that allows you to operate the projector from your smartphones.

Use your Smartphone to Control Your Panasonic Projector

Smart Projector Control, an application software for smartphones that enables Panasonic projectors to be operated from smartphones, has been equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) for further convenience.

Easy, simple and smooth operation

By simply holding your smartphone over the NFC touch point of the projector, you can read and write the projector ID and IP address.

Able to access projector even if its powered off

It is now possible to access projectors that are not powered on. The time and effort required to display the menu screen can be saved, greatly reducing the time required for pre-setting.

This convenient NFC function is supported by the PT-RQ50K, PT-RCQ10, and PT-MZ16K Series



The operation screen shown is that of an Android terminal. To write setting information, you need to read the setting information in advance. If you are using an iOS device, iPhone 7 or later and iOS 11 or later is required. iOS devices cannot write projector setting information. When using an Android device, you must enable the NFC function of the NFC-compatible Android device in advance.

Only PT-RQ50K, PT-RCQ10 series and PT-MZ16K series are supported.