RGBlink TAO 1 Tiny

TAO 1tiny is the essential accessory for compact webcam and ePTZ camera users, enabling those cameras to become HDMI native devices connectable almost anywhere.

This tiny inline convertor measuring at just 9x5x3cm, provides HDMI connectivity for cameras and similar USB-C UVC capture devices, supporting popular VESA standard resolutions up to 4K Video transcoded to HDMI is uncompressed with full fidelity maintained for superior visual performance.

The ideal companion for USB cameras

  • Support for 4K USB-C video devices
  • Connect high quality USB Cameras
  • Output to any HDMI 2.0 display up to 4K@60
  • Lossless high definition video adapter

Empowering push streaming switches

  • Empowering push streaming switchers
  • Transform streaming switchers into live presentation mixers, taking USB 3.0 streams to HDMI screens, projectors and displays.

Enabling remote camera controls

TAO 1tiny supports connection of USB control devices such as Bluetooth Receivers, allowing a connected webcam to be controlled without the need for web or pc software.

Efficient Low-power by design

Power TAO 1tiny and UVC webcam convienently with common USB-C hubs and power banks.

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