RGBlink Mini 2022

RGBlink Mini 2022

RGBlink Mini 2022, with all the features of the preceding model including the unique built in LCD preview display, the mini streaming switcher features four HDMI high-definition inputs, a configurable HDMI output and USB3.0 streaming output to connect with virtually any laptop or streaming platform.

PIP picture in picture receives a boost in this new release, with dual fully scalable video windows in any position possible. Make use of audio from multiple sources with mix including Line and TRRS connectors as well as supporting headphone/mic combinations. Mini is powered via standard USB-C port for even greater compatibility and mobile live flexibility.

With industry leading hardware performance and reliability, along with superior heat management and dissapation, mini is the must have mini streaming switcher. Mini is light and robust at only 480gm thanks to an all new impact resistant, precision pressure cast ABS housing.

Download Product Overview Brochure: RGBlink Mini Pro 2022Download Technical Specifications: RGBlink Mini Pro 2022

Live Streaming: Use a standard USB cable to connect the mini USB3.0 interface to a laptop, and the computer will recognize the mini as a WEBCAM, enabling audio and video signals to many cloud video conference platforms, live broadcast platforms and social media platforms.

Multi-Window Preview: Preview all sources live program output and the standby preset from the broadcast style multi-view preview which hould status of all video and audio in reall time.

Live Display: HDMI output is fully configurable for video output indepedent of USB streaming, allowing HDMI multito be a live presentation switcher woth PGM and PST swithcing or for PVW monitoring.

PIP: Make use of built picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture presets. For even more flexibility adjiust both A & B video window layers pixel-by-pixel.

Switch: Transition and switch between live video program and preset. Recall saved preset views along with scaled video layers for the professional look a of prepared broadcast or presentation.

Remote Control Apps: XPOSE mini control software supports Windows and MAC desktop operating systems, as well as iOS and Android mobile terminal control, flexible and easy-to-use control interface.

Mix: Mix audio from six sources to embed to output stream and HDMI. Include external Line input or TTRS mic input along with audio from HDMI cameras or other sources.

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