SmartScan uses an inituitive and user-friendly system of icons that makes it easy for anyone to choose between the various destinations a scan can be sent to.

  • Scan to Fax: Connect to the central Fax server and use the MFP like a Fax machine. Simply enter the Fax number or select it from the address book.
  • Scan to personal folder or e-mail: Logged in users can scan to their private network folder or e-mail address with just one touch.
  • Scan Settings: With just one click change file format, resolution, page size, colour mode, and settings for double side scanning.
  • Address Book: Access the local or external address book directly from SmartScan
  • Scan to Folder: Scan to a predefined network folder with just one click; ideal to centrally share or archive your scans.
  • Scan to e-email: Simply enter e-mail address or select it from the address book to send a scan by e-mail.

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