Panasonic Video Switcher KAIROS

Panasonic Introducing the new, high-performance mainframe Kairos Core 1000.
The live video production platform allows flexible system configuration and operation, delivering improved video quality and productivity.

The IT/IP platform “KAIROS” is a live video production platform developed based on a new concept and innovative architecture. It incorporates proprietary, ground-breaking software to maximize the CPU and GPU capacities for video processing.


Therefore, KAIROS will be the solution to meet today’s requirements of live video production needs to adapt new technologies and create a better sense of reality and new technologies for improving productivity of video production.

General-purpose IT equipment is deployed to run on CPU and GPU to take advantage of the most advanced IT technology. And the proprietary, and innovative software technology has enabled unprecedented flexible live video processing with low latency executed on a GPU, while the open software architecture ensures excellent system flexibility and scalability.

A variety of video inputs and outputs are available with KAIROS to support not only baseband signals such as SDI but also new IP signals including SMPTE ST2110, NDI®*1 and SRT*2 to realize remote live video production and streaming.

KAIROS uses the GPU for the video processing, thus allowing flexible video production using multiple layers with unrestricted number of MEs or keys and the “CANVAS” screen unhampered by resolution or format.

Because KAIROS is an IT-based open architecture platform, it enables functional enhancements and control linkage with external devices by adding software. With the system integration capability, KAIROS improves work efficiency and ensures future expandability.

With the new mainframe Kairos Core 1000, these features have been further enhanced, increasing video processing and production composition performance as well as streaming capability.

Achieving flexibility in all levels of production unlike any existing hardware-based systems, KAIROS breaks new ground for live video production

Key features

Variety of video inputs and outputs available use
  • Compatible with various input and output signals.
  • New Agile I/O expands number of I/O.
  • Audio input/output supported.
  • Audio mixer function.
  • Resolution independent.
  • Two customizable multi-viewers configuration
  • PTP synchronization.

Processing by the GPU for flexible video expression

  • Layered effects with unrestricted number of MEs.
  • Diverse effects with title generator.
  • Format-free Canavas.
  • Short one frame latency and variable frame delay.
  • Video/audio/still picture file retention.

Software-based operability and expandability

  • PC software with intuitive GUI.
  • User-assignable control panel.
  • Software-enabled function expandability and linkage.
  • KAIROS Alliance Partners

Panasonic Switchers KAIROS

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