Panasonic PTZ Camera AW-UE80KEJ

The Panasonic AW-UE80KEJ is perfect for a wide range of video production needs, such as recording of reality shows and events.

The AW-UE80W/K is PTZ camera suitable for capturing the natural facial expressions of actors/performers and for recording events without spoiling the ambience.
The dome-shape design minimizes “the feeling of being recorded on video” while the new direct-drive motor produces a very quiet operating sound so it won’t disturb the production activities or spoil the ambience. The camera offers high-image-quality 4K/60p resolution, wide 74.1° angle and optical zoom with up to 24x magnification to achieve superb video image quality. The AW-UE80W/K also offers excellent stability and security during video streaming so it can be used for any type of video production. From production of a reality show to recording of an internal business or educational event, the top-of-the-line standard model, AW-UE80W/K, can be used in a diversity of applications.


Key features

Compact & quiet design blends in smoothly with the surroundings
  • Low operating sound for anywhere use.
  • Original image stabilizer ensure clear and stable video recording.
  • Can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a tripod for shooting from locations too difficult for a person to enter.

Flexibly adapt to various video shooting situations such as large-scale shooting

  • Single controller can control up to 200 camera units.
  • Supports FreeD to enable low-cost AR/VR shooting.
  • 4K Resolution, wide angle and high-magnification zoom maintains “the lively ambience in the hall” intact in streaming videos.

High-quality videos resistant to interruption and with a low latency

  • Smooth playback of high-quality videos.
  • Secure and stable streaming protocool for reduced risk of communication trouble.
  • Compatible with IT/IP platform “KAIROS”.

Panasonic PTZ Camera AW-UE80KEJ

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