Panasonic PTZ Camera AW-UE150KEJ

The Panasonic PTZ Camera AW-UE150KEJ offers 4K 60p/50p* Output, High-Magnification Zoom and Wide-Angle Shooting for Flexible Video Production.

The next-generation PTZ camera supports high-quality video production in stadium, lecture halls, churches and other venues. Smooth and high-quality 4K 60p/50p, high-magnification zoom and a wide shooting angle expand the range of the PTZ camera’s applications. The camera is equipped with a variety of interfaces and supports simultaneous 4K/HD operation which allows for versatility in current and future production systems.

* Actual output format is UHD (3840 x 2160) 59.94p/50p.


Key features

High-quality 4K image
  • High-Quality 4K 60p/50p shooting.
  • 1.0 type MOS Sensor Mounted.
  • Optical 20x Zoom / Industry’s First 75.1 Horizontal Wide-Angle Shooting.
  • HDR (HLG) Support.
  • Optical image stabilizer (OIS) loaded.
  • Night Mode Support.
  • Adaptive Matrix prevents colour overloaded from blue LED’s

Various Functions

  • Incredible Pan and Tilt Performance.
  • Cropping Function.
  • JPEG Image Saving Function Equipped.
  • FreeD Support for construction of AR/VR Systems.
  • Compatible with IT/IP platform “KAIROS”.
  • Tally LED Limit.

Wide Expandibility

  • Equipped with a large tally lamp.
  • WEB UI improved.
  • AW-RP150GJ Connection for large-Scale Production Systems.
  • Multiple Interfaces Supported.
  • SRT support for stable video transmission over public lines.
  • Direct Broadcast via RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol).
  • NDI / HX Compatibility for excellent video streaming quality

Panasonic PTZ Camera AW-UE150KEJ

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