Kyocera Cloud Information Manager

With Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KICM), you can make your Hybrid Workspace Smarter. With the new trend of remote working, KICM can enable your business to improve flexibility and performance by allowing full control over your documents. A SaaS platform that facilitates the storage and management of all your digital documents in a secure online archive.

  • Multi-tenant software: Reduce your operational costs using the multi-tenant software hosted in the cloud with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Supporting the Hybrid Business: The KCIM platform enables quick and secure access to your business documents via a web browser.
  • Easily organise with Simple Keyword Tagging: An efficient way to save keywords and index your files.
  • Document & Data Search: KCIM’s powerful search filters can narrow down your search query using a variety of options. Example; Created on, Creator etc.
  • Data Validation: When indexing an important document you can request that the data be validated to ensure accuracy in future searches.
  • Mobile: Capture documents with your smartphone and send them to KCIM with the mobile application.
  • Platform Security: Upload and store documents securely while ensuring that only authorised users have access to the information.
  • Folders: Organize your documents into a folder structure for convenient browsing.
  • Comment: Add comments to a document to increase collaboration and provide important context for future document searches.
  • History: View the history of changes made to a document. A user can filter by date, metadata, and when the document was created.

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