Multifunction Printers

PanSolutions provides you with highly efficient mutultifunction printers  that can significantly improve your business documentation workflow. In the past, an organisation would require a copier, a fax machine and a computer to copy, fax or email documents. However, with an array of features such as printing, faxing, scanning and copying, the devices in our range of multifunction printers provide versatility and dependability. Modern digital colour copiers are sometimes referred to as multifunctional products because they can do more than just copy documents. Today, almost all copiers are also capable of printing, faxing, and scanning, plus a great deal more. PanSolutions offers colour multifunction printers from some of the most popular brands, ensuring document quality and ease of use. Colour copiers are ideal for businesses that require the copying of colour documents with a high quality output. With the added benefit of its various additional functions, a colour multifunction printer is one piece of office equipment that your organisation can ill afford to do without. Contact PanSolutions today to find out more about our multifunction printers.