Hikvision – DeepinView Series

DeepinView Series Camera – Hikvision

This camera series captures more faces in a single frame from much wider angles; they detect and distinguish human beings and vehicles from other objects with higher accuracy. The DeepinView series always try to see more with its deep learning technology inside. From general retail scenarios to high-end stores, the cameras offer retailers both quantitative and qualitative understanding of their customer traffic for effective management and operation optimization.

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7 Intelligent Modes:

  1. Face Recognition: Supporting face capture, comparison and obkect attribute analysis
  2. Multi-Target-Type Detection: Supporting and human body capture and object attribute analysis, face comparison. face
  3. Perimeter Protection: False alarm reduction
  4. People Counting: Excluding shop employees and repetitive consumers to count people accurately. Face comparison and object attribute analysis.
  5. Hard Hat Detection: Detecting whether the person wears a hard hat or not.
  6. Queue Management: Detecting the number of people and wait time of each person in line.
  7.  Vehicle Analysis: Supporting ANPR and vehicle feature analysis.
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