Dahua Technology – WizSense Series

WizSense Series – Dahua Technology

The WizSense series by Dahua is a wide range of AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm.

WizSense recognize human and vehicle in an image with high accuracy advanced technology. WizSense makes your video footage intelligent, simple and inclusive.

Intelligent refers to WizSense powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It provides various features that realize accurate alarms for human and vehicle, as well as quick target search, maximizing resources to increase overall efficiency.

Simple means WizSense offers simple configuration, especially for SMD 3.0 that can be enabled by just a single button. It eases your customer’s daily job and also empowers them to make better business decisions.

Inclusivity of WizSense is the idea that everyone gets the opportunities and benefits from AI. With affordable prices and easy configuration of Dahua WizSense, AI is no longer confined to the ivory tower, but applied to real scenarios instead.

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WizSense Core Technologies:

SMD 3.0 – Dahua Technology innovated the Smart Motion Detection (SMD) Technology to differentiate human and vehicular shapes within a scene and send alarms to secure your business and family. The Smart Motion Detection helps in reducing false alarms, creates higher detection accuracy, longer detection distance, quick target search with simple configuration.

Active Deterrence – is a surveillance system that can detect intruders in time and prevent potential crime via built-in spotlight and speaker. Users can choose products with white light or red & blue light to meet the requirements of different scenarios. Powered by deep learning algorithm, it provides high accuracy intrusion alarms and sends real-time event notification and video to mobile phone when alarm has been triggered. Users can also view live video and playback video via DMSS. With built-in mic and speaker, this system also offers two-way audio function.

Face Recognition – The captured facial features will be compared with the face image data in the database. Dahua Face Recognition solutions offer high accuracy of detection rate and recognition rate with its advanced AI technology ,and can provide such functions as Face Detection, Face Comparison, Intelligent Search, Face Image Search, Face Database Management, Mobile App Linkage, Information Display, Video Full Color ,etc. to improve user experience.

Thermal Imaging – Dahua thermal camera combines thermal imaging technology with AI technology to detect various dangerous situations in time.

AI Coding – Dahua AI Coding puts emphasis on human and vehicle while encoding, ensuring the target image quality while saving 50% bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265.AI Coding function is enabled by default in the newest firmware version.

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