Bahn Café – Gerhard S-Series

Coffee Machine – Gerhardt S-Series

The high-end S-Series automatic coffee machine is perfect for high capacity beverage needs. The user-friendly touch screen menu guidance enables intuitive product selection together with the fast beverage dispenser enables you to increase your beverage sales.

The S-Series is equipped with advanced MMX mixing system which effectively prevents long-term fouling inside the vending machine and provides excellent mixing results for all soluble products with reduced product use.

This low-maintenance and energy-efficient beverage vending machine can optionally be equipped with a double grinder, DUO Cup conveyor, fully automatic lid dispenser unit and a cashless payment system.


  • Standing machine for high utilization
  • Freely programmable product selection
  • Cup conveyor for 500 cups as standard
  • Full HD touch screen on which you can also communicate with advertisements etc.
  • LED light bar with individually controller ambilight
  • User-friendly menu navigation
  • Fully automatic lid dispenser unit
  • Cashless payment system
  • Two coffee bean grinders


  • Corporate Environment – Cafeteria, Reception Waiting Area, Medical Centre – Doctor’s Waiting/Reception area,
  • Hospital reception area, Clinics
  • Education – University, College Campus, Residence building Shopping centers and malls
  • Point of interest – Museums, Animal Parks, Theatres Vehicle Dealerships Sport Clubs Petrol Stations
  • Government Departmens – Home Affairs, Licensing departments, police station
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