Buying Guide: Boardroom Projectors

Buying Guide: Boardroom Projectors

The importance of a good boardroom projector cannot be underestimated. In most companies hours are spent in the boardroom analysing figures, graphs, sales and presenting to customers. A boardroom fitted with a suitable boardroom projector can ensure that important business gets accomplished effectively and professionally.

Below we briefly highlight some features to consider for a boardroom projector.

Boardroom Projector Features

Projector Brightness

Brightness is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a boardroom projector.  Most boardrooms have natural light and even with the blinds closed it still needs to be light enough for active discussions and note taking. Your viewing environment will determine how bright your boardroom projector needs to be but as a rule of thumb it is recommended that your boardroom projector offers at least 3500 lumens of brightness. Bearing this in mind the brighter the projector the easier it will be to see the projected image.

Projector Resolution

The typical application, content and images you want to display in your boardroom will dictate what resolution you need from your boardroom projector. The higher the resolution of the projector the better the image quality. High resolution UXGA projectors (1600×1200 pixels) are able to display images in more detail than other projectors and produce clear crisp displays. However, for boardroom use where the majority of the images involve PowerPoint presentation of graphs and figures, a full HD projector might not be necessary. If your usual application for the projector will be PowerPoint, Excel or Word document presentations a lower resolution boardroom projector such as the Casio XJ-F100W Projector with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels will be adequate. These boardroom projectors are a more economical option and can produce bright and clear images for your presentations.

Screen Size and Throw Distance

One of the first steps in choosing a boardroom projector is determining how wide the screen will be and how far the projector can be placed away from this screen. Most boardrooms will have some flexibility as to the position of the projector as they will be mounted on the ceiling. In simple terms, the closer you can put the projector to the screen the fewer lumens you will need to project a good quality image.

You can use this throw ratio calculator to determine what projector will be the best fit for your boardroom.

Lamp- Free vs Lamp Based Projectors

The audio-visual market has welcomed the introduction of the lamp-free projectors which have revolutionised the projector industry for both owners and audiences.  Traditionally all projectors needed a lamp to operate and this lamp needed to be replaced every 5000 hours of operation, which incurred the cost of the lamp as well as labour costs. With lamp free projectors you get 20 000 hours of maintenance free operation.  A lamp free projector offers long-term cost-savings and should be your choice for a good boardroom projector.  You can read more here about the cost comparison of lamp free projector versus traditional lamp based projector.

Projector Connectivity

The connection and inputs available on boardroom projectors allow you to connect and display your presentation content. A standard VGA port will connect most laptops, and for those who want to display high definition content, make sure the projector has an HDMI input. Additional connections such as composite and component and Wi-Fi are useful additions to a boardroom projector.

Other Features

When choosing a boardroom projector make sure the device has a zoom lens. The zoom lens on the projector gives you the ability to adjust the image size without moving the boardroom projector. Lastly, make sure the seller offers you a good warranty and technical support on the projector.

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