Benefits of having a coffee machine in the office

Benefits of having a coffee machine in the office

Being able to enjoy a proper coffee break at the office not only improves motivation but also helps to build a happy team.

Here are 4 main benefits of having an automated coffee machine in the office.

Increases Energy Levels:

For most of us, a cup of coffee is likely the first thing we reach out for every morning. A strong cup of coffee brings us out of that hazy morning tiredness and energizes us for the day ahead.

Containing caffeine, coffee is a mild stimulant and speeds up the processes between our brain and body. In acceptable doses, and as part of a balanced diet, it makes us feel awake and more alert.

Increases Productivity

Coffee not only keeps employees awake and more alert throughout their working day, but it also improves productivity within the workplace.

It has been proven that regular breaks from the computer screen can tremendously improve employee productivity, allowing them time to stretch their legs, get their blood flowing and re-charge by socializing with other employees.

It can save time and money 

Through investing in a good quality coffee machine, no longer will your employees feel the need to go out for coffee at the nearest café around the corner. With Bahn Café bean-to-cup automated coffee machine, you can offer your employees and guests their favorite hot beverage in a minute, reducing lost time and saving you money.

It provides a pleasant working environment

Having a high-quality automated bean-to-cup coffee machine at work can help create a positive and creative work environment. Your employees will have higher energy levels, be more cheerful, and be more confident conversing with other members of the team and other teams within the work environment. Regular coffee breaks can bring together employees and teams who normally wouldn’t have a point of contact with one another, which can promote cohesion and lead to bonding within the workplace. These interactions can also form the basis for future cross-department collaborations that can generate your business profit.


If you were in the position of deciding whether an office bean-to-cup automated coffee machine is a worthy investment for your office, we hope this blog has helped.

Overall, an office automated coffee machine from Bahn Café can enhance productivity, reduce stress, and improve department creativity and collaboration, creating a positive workplace environment for your staff members and visitors. Something that will be valued greatly to your business.