5 Misconceptions of Managed Print Services

5 Misconceptions of Managed Print Services

With any specialised service, there are always going to be rumours and assumptions – often completely unfounded – about the various costs, implementation, outcomes. Managed Print Services are no exception.

This particular programme involves co-ordinating print jobs, sourcing materials and outlining project timelines – all in an effort to boost productivity, save on costs, improve environmental sustainability and enhance document security. Here are 5 misconceptions related to Managed Print Services.

Misconceptions of Managed Print Services

1. Managed Print Services are too expensive

Because Managed Print Services provide a comprehensive offering, many people are under the assumption that it is expensive. The reality is that Managed Print Services are in place to streamline all printing services, eliminate waste and reduce inefficiency. Often, in a business, it’s difficult to assess printing costs as they are departmentalised. Managed Print Services will centralise this functionality allowing for more transparency and the ability to save on costs.

2. There is decreasing need for print

The growing environmental concerns are driving the move towards paperless offices which is the ultimate goal. And while this will effectively mean printing and, therefore, Managed Print Services are a non-entity, we are still some way off from this reality. However, this doesn’t mean that your office is unsustainable. Managed Print Service providers will work with you, seeking solutions to reduce excessive printing, reduce waste, and source more eco-friendly products where possible.

3. It’s too time-consuming

There is a misconception that Managed Print Service providers will dominate valuable work hours with long meetings, interrupting workflow. However, this is in no way true. Providers will work closely with clients so as to keep in line with company expectations while streamlining print services so as to enhance productivity. Because Managed Print Services take over the role of ordering supplies, scheduling maintenance and managing repairs, you are actually saving time and will see this translated into enhanced productivity.

4. You will need to invest in all-new hardware

When a company implements Managed Print Services, there is no need for a complete overhaul of all the existing equipment. The provider will assess what is already available and attempt to work with the equipment if possible. If necessary, redundant print equipment will be eliminated and more efficient equipment suggested to enhance print services. While there might be some investment needed, Managed Print Service providers will not insist on all-new hardware unless it’s completely unworkable.

5. Managed Print Services are only for larger organisations

Although a decade ago, Managed Print Services were generally only used by larger organisations, this is not the case today. There is such a wide variety of print devices available, clients with smaller organisations will also benefit from more cost-effective Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services are in place to streamline workflow, improve productivity and save on costs which makes them an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. The biggest decision is really which Managed Print Service provider to choose. You will need to go with a print solution that meets your company’s specific needs and employee work requirements.

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