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5 Phases of Managed Document Services

PanSolutions MDS(Managed Document Services) is a dynamic, five-step process that will keep your office document processes at their optimum. Step-by-step it exposes the weak points in your output environment, develops solutions and opens up potentials for greater efficiency and savings.

Manage Document Services

Managed Document Services is a holistic approach to optimise your entire document output process. Through a detailed analysis of your workflows, security, archiving and environmental impact – MDS can reduce output cost by approximately 30%. An important strategy for every company.

Benefits of Manage Document Services 

  • Substantial reduction of office output costs
  • Complete cost transparency and flexibility
  • Convenient single point of contact for all your business needs
  • Reduce downtime, streamline workflows and increase productivity
  • Enhanced document security and compliance
  • Improved environmental sustainability 

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Working together with you, we look at your overall situation and evaluate which aspects of the MDS process are particularly valuable for your business. Then we create a tailor-made solution that consists of the elements you need.

5 Phases of Managed Document Services

The assessment phase highlights all areas of wastage and poor productivity across your organisation.
We start the process by gathering data and understanding your business with an in-depth analysis and professional assessment of your entire document environment – from fleet audit to financial, volumetric and energy data, as well as interviews and surveys.
The resulting report provides a clear indication of where money can be saved and processes optimised.
The assessment looks at the following key areas:
  • Finances: Where the money is being spent
  • Devices and consumables: Their efficiency, suitability and maintenance costs
  • Workflows: Productivity improvements with smarter software
  • Documents: How efficiently and securely they are being printed, stored, managed and distributed
  • Environmental impact: Where you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint and removed simply by exchanging devices 
In this phase we look at your company size, your company budget, your company targets and performance requirements. So that our provided solution will be a perfect fit and best suited to your business objectives.  Our document solution will offer the ultimate combination of hardware, software and process development to generate the optimum return on investment.
With our wide-ranging selection of software, we optimise workflows, system control, resource efficiency and document security. This together with our selected partners ensures we are able to offer tailor made financing options suitable for your balance sheet.
Our primary concern during the execution phase is to have the minimum impact on the running of your business – downtime and risk is reduced to the minimum level.
The execution phase is administered by a professional project management team and supported by highly knowledgeable and qualified technicians. We even offer to work after hours thus minimising your business downtime.
Our change management services consider the human and cultural elements of the solution execution which helps to increase end user productivity and satisfaction. With up to date methodologies and techniques to make certain of the benefits of the Manage Documents Services solution offered.
  • Value added change management: help maximise your productivity.
  • Hardware and software installation: By qualified knowledgeable PanSolutions technicians
  • Training: To eradicate errors and downtime
  • Flexible implementation planning: At a particular time, after hours or over the weekend.
With our management service you can be sure we are committed to providing superb performance, consistency and cost-efficiency.  PanSolutions takes care of your document infrastructure with our on-site and remote support abilities, ensuring workflows continue at their maximum levels.
We understand that your business is dynamic and always progressing– and consequently your print and document needs will also change.  Offering on-going optimisation, PanSolutions Managed Document Services will frequently analyse your devices and workflows to find new ways to improve cost-cutting and performance. 

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