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What is Manage Document Services?

Keeping an eye on the bottom line is a key focus of every business and by optimising your document output process you can save time and money for your organisation.
What is Manage Document Services?
The Manage Document Services (MDS) approach analyses your printing, copying and scanning procedures and transforms your workflows and document processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service. 
5 Phases of Managed Document Services
  • Discover 
The first step in the MDS process is to analyse your devices, usage and cost associated with your document environment. This will help you get a clear understanding of the document life from creation to storage. This audit report will highlight concerns and opportunities and provide a baseline for further analysis. 
  • Design
In the design phase a new proposed document workflow is outlined for your business. With the findings of the audit we capitalise on opportunities and eliminate issues. This results in a custom built solution which is sustainable, recognises the challenges of today and anticipates the future. 
  • Implement
The sustainable Managed Document Solution is then implemented from start to finish within your organisation. Our knowledgeable team will help with a seamless transition to the new MDS approach. 
  • Manage
Once the solution is implemented it is necessary to monitor, track and report to verify that all elements in the document workflow run smoothly.  
  • Enhance
The document process is ever evolving and requires a continuous cycle of monitoring and improvement to ensure you enjoy the maximum print savings and resource efficiency resulting from the full MDS process. 
In summary, money, time and resources within your business are wasted on unnecessary devices, unproductive hardware and poor processes. With a MDS approach to your business you will see a real savings to your bottom line and increased productivity. 
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