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How to replace copier toner

Date: 2012-02-09                                                                      Enquire

What is toner in copiers?

Toner is a very fine black powder that is used every time you copy a page using a black-and-white copier. Very simply, because the toner is heat sensitive, it selectively attracts to a drum or belt inside the copier. A sheet of paper is then charged with static electricity that pulls the toner off the drum and towards the paper. A beam of light moves across the paper that you want copied, charging the pigment particles in the toner. The positively charged sheet of paper then passes over the surface of the drum, and is pressed to fuse the image formed by the toner to the paper’s surface.  View our range of toners if you need to replace yours. 

How do I know when to replace toner in my copier?

Changing the toner in a black-and-white copier is a simple process; in a colour copier it is slightly more complicated and you may need to refer to your Kyocera user’s manual or contact Pansolutions.

As toner is used every time you copy, it can quickly become depleted in busy offices. When toner is running low, your copier will either alert you via its digital LCD display, or white lines will appear in the copies, they may seem faded, washed out, or a similar imaging problem will repeat itself.

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Follow the simple steps listed below to replace copier toner:

  • Consult your Kyocera user’s manual to determine which toner is appropriate for your copier model. It’s best not to resort to cheap toners as over time these may damage the machine.
  • Shake the cartridge before installing it in your copier so as to loosen the powder and let it flow easily and quickly onto the drum inside your Kyocera copier.
  • Turn your copier off and open its cover. Remove the old toner cartridge (you should not have to force it out).
  • Place the new toner cartridge into the empty slot in the machine. Remove the rip tab that runs along the end of the cartridge; this allows the copier to print both black and white sheets. Ensure that you have inserted the new cartridge fully into the toner slot and that the rip tab is fully open and able to dispense new toner into the copier.
  • Take care not to spill toner from the opened tab as this stains clothing and surfaces. A dry cloth and cold water is best to clean up spilled powder, but ensure that you do not use warm water as this will allow the toner to set.
  • Close the copier lid and print a few test pages to ensure that the machine has recognised the new toner and that it is working satisfactorily.
  • Take care: toner is light sensitive, so if you have bought two or three cartridges in reserve, store them in a cool, dry and dark place.

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Kyocera copiers go the extra mile in document processing

Kyocera copiers are more than just copiers: they’re document processing machines. Their copy-per-minute ratings are excellent – which is essential in an office environment – and they’re capable of duplexing, collating and handling a variety of paper types. Visit your local PanSolutions to order your new copier today.

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