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How to choose the right multifunction copier

In the past, an organisation would require a copier, a fax machine and a computer to copy, fax or email documents. Modern technology has combined these capabilities into an all-purpose multifunction copier (also called all-in-one copiers, multifunction printers or all-in-one printers). Utilising a multifunction copier, you can copy a document and send it to a recipient via email or fax. Additionally, you can use a multifunction copier strictly as a printer to print a document.

There are many varieties from which to choose when it comes to multifunction copiers. Following the guidelines below will assist you in purchasing a multifunction copier to suit your document scanning, printing, and sending requirements.

Black-and-white versus full-colour copiers

Are the majority of your documents printed in greyscale or in colour? The answer to this question will determine whether you should purchase a black-and-white or a full-colour copier. Full-colour multifunctional copiers can scan and email full-colour documents. If the receiver is utilising a colour printer, they can receive colour faxes and print emails using a regular inkjet printer. This can be useful for creative organisations and agencies looking to incorporate colourful branding into their correspondence.

Black-and-white multifunction copiers, however, can scan, send and print documents more speedily because they’re not required to store as much information as colour units. This is ideal for organisations that require haste and rapid apprehension in their business dealings.

Choose appropriate memory and storage options

Many multifunction copiers are pre-installed with RAM (Random Access Memory) to assist them in processing multiple computations and to aid in copying complex documents. When purchasing a multifunction copier, it is important to evaluate features such as RAM and hard disk capacity. Seek a multifunction copier with 1-8GB (gigabytes) of RAM. This will ensure a quicker response time, resulting in faster communication. Copiers that include a hard disk allow users to archive important documents which can be immensely beneficial for an organisation’s business practice and documentation. Look for a multifunction copier with 500-1 000GB of storage capacity for optimal effectiveness.

Find the ideal printing speed


Speed is an important factor to take into consideration when choosing a multifunction copier. Low-speed colour copiers typically print at a speed of 6-20 pages per minute, while low-speed greyscale copiers print at a rate of 10-12 pages per minute. High-speed colour multifunction copiers print 20-30 pages per minute, while high-speed black-and-white copiers print 30-54 pages per minute. Find the ideal multifunction copier to suit your business requirements.

Size does matter

It is important that you choose a multifunction copier that is appropriately sized and weighted for your business’s requirements. Copiers that operate from a tabletop can weigh between 15 and 35kgs and can measure 91cm wide, 91cm deep and 60 to 70cm high. Copiers that occupy floor space can weigh between 90 and 180kgs and measure 120cm long, 90cm deep, and 90 to 120cm high. Choose the appropriate multifunction copier to suit your organisation’s spacing requirements.

Inkjet versus laser printing

Both inkjet and laser printers are able to produce high resolutions of 600 to 2 400 dpi (dots per inch). While inkjet copiers require cartridges, making them easier and more cost-effective to maintain, laser printers are able to print documents faster and with minimal quality loss, making them ideal for creative organisations or branding agencies. Choosing whether to purchase an inkjet or a laser copier is imperative in your search for the ideal multifunction copier for your business.

Investigate additional features

Many multifunction copiers offer additional features such as save-to-disk, cardstock printing and automatic document feeders. Copiers with the save-to-disk function allow you to backup your documents on a storage drive for easy reprinting, while copiers that offer cardstock printing allow you to print on thick paper or cardboard. Another useful feature is the automatic document feeder which allows you to scan several documents simultaneously instead of feeding documents to the copier manually.  Read more on what you need to know about multifuction printers.

In this modern age, businesses and organisations can ill-afford to fall behind in technological advancements that increase productivity and improve quality. Including a multifunction copier in your office arrangement is not only beneficial to your business, but to your correspondents and clients as well.

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