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Benefits of an IP PBX System

IP based PABX systems have become a popular choice among companies as this telephone system provides reliable communication at a reduced cost.

Here are some of the advantages of using an IP PABX system.


Benefits of an IP PABX System

Easy Management


IP PABX systems are run off software and can be accessed via your office computer. A person with some basic networking and computer knowledge can configure and update the system. 

Cost Savings

An IP based PABX system uses VoIP technology and as a result significant savings can be attained, particularly if you are making long distance or international calls. 

Less Wiring

VoIP is used for IP PABX systems and therefore no phone line wiring is need. The system is run off your computer network.


Adding more phone lines to traditional PABX solutions often requires new hardware. With an IP based telephone system for business it is much easier to add upgrades and extension to your network. It is also much easier to move offices and desks as there is no patching required. 

Easy Integration

An IP PABX system is computer based and as a result can be integrated with ease into your current business processes. Reporting is also user friendly as the calls are stored in an online database.  

Easy Diverts

Even if someone is not in the office they can still receive calls on their mobile phone. Calls can be easily transferred because of the VoIP functionality used for the PABX system. 


VoIP based IP PABX systems are software based and therefore new features can be develop quickly.  Most IP PABX systems offer features such as voicemail, diverts, custom reporting and call groups.

Software based telephone systems offer some unique advantages and should be considered not only for companies looking to invest in a good PABX system but even for businesses that already have a traditional PABX System. 

Read our guide on the Different Types of PBX Systems for more information relating to PBX options. 

PanSolutions offers a wide range of PABX telephone solutions ideal for any sized business. 

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