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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Refurbished Photocopier

This informative guide will help you decide whether buying a refurbished photocopier is the correct choice for your business.

The drive to reduce costs and the rising price of office automation equipment has forced many companies to consider the option of purchasing a refurbished photocopier.

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What is a refurbished photocopier?

A refurbished photocopier is a used machine that has been completely serviced and revamped. The photocopier has been inspected by a professional and all worn and damaged parts replaced. Any reputable used photocopier dealer will be able to tell you exactly what has been replaced and what is covered by the warranty.

Below we briefly outline the advantages and disadvantages of buying a refurbished photocopier.


The cost of a refurbished photocopier will always be a better economical option than purchasing a brand new photocopier. However, there are often hidden costs that are not taken into account when purchasing a used photocopier, such as maintenance agreements. Make sure that you not only look at the cost of the refurbished machine itself, but also look at the total cost of ownership. 

Monthly cost

Besides hidden costs, refurbished photocopiers often require regular services and maintenance to keep them functioning correctly. This often results in additional monthly costs not necessarily planned for. 


A photocopier that is not functioning properly ends up costing your company time and money. If you can’t afford to have your refurbished copier offline, then it might be best to invest in a new machine.


This is perhaps the most important element in purchasing a refurbished photocopier. New copiers should come with comprehensive warranties that cover machine breakdowns. However, most dealers that offer refurbished machines will only offer a limited warranty for a shorter time period. Always try to negotiate an extended warranty that covers most major parts. 

Service Agreements

As in the case of a warranty, a service agreement is extremely important when purchasing a used copier. If the dealer does not offer any service agreement, rather don’t buy the used machine. 

Tax Benefits

For both used and new photocopiers it is far more beneficial to finance the equipment than to buy outright as you qualify for tax deductions. Read more about the benefits of financing office equipment.  


If you find a good dealer that can provide you with a reliable refurbished photocopier and back the machine up with a reasonable warranty and good service agreement, then a refurbished photocopier can be an excellent choice for your business. 



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